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Gippsland Family Violence Alliance
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Senior Family Violence Practitioner, Wayss


Family Violence Specialist - Perpetrator services The Salvation Army


Integrated Family Services Coordinator, Booranwan Aboriginal Healing Service


Clinical Lead, South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault


Advanced Child Protection Practitioner


Homelessness Practitioner


Family Violence Case Manager, Multi-cultural Centre Against Family Violence


Group Manager, Child Youth and Families, Uniting

The Gippsland Family Violence and Child Wellbeing Sectors offers a range of different employment opportunities. Our agencies have roles which include:

  • Supporting those who are experiencing family violence, including women and children
  • Supporting those who are using violence to be accountable for their behaviour and to make changes in their lives
  • Therapeutic and counselling programs
  • Sexual Assault counselling programs
  • Legal and legal support roles
  • Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Families
  • Management, Strategic and Leadership positions
  • Administration and communication roles

We encourage people from different backgrounds, particularly those with lived expertise of family violence or cultural knowledge to apply.

What roles are available?

Jobs are advertised through the Victorian Government Jobs Website. You can view the positions by region below. We encourage you to check back regularly as new positions are always becoming available.

What qualifications do I need?

Qualifications do vary, depending on the role you’re interested in.

However, as a result of the Royal Commission into Family Violence, recommendation 209 was that all Specialist Family Violence practitioners should hold a Bachelor or equivalent degree. Safe and Equal has created a tool to assist you to map your existing qualifications:

Click Here

I am interested in becoming qualified to work in the sector

Gippsland offers several pathways to become qualified to work in the sector. It will depend on your previous education and qualifications as to which pathways is right for you.

We recommend you make an appointment to discuss your options at: