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Gippsland Family Violence Alliance
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The Centre for Workforce Excellence is a department of the  Victorian Government which works alongside Family Safety Victoria to develop:

  • Resources
  • Programs
  • Information and guidance

to the family violence sector, in relation to recruitment and retention of workers.

The Centre for Workforce Excellence also has resources to support the broader community service sector, including Child Protection and Homelessness and also Public Hospitals and Public Schools.

This page has been developed to assist the Gippsland Family Violence Alliance Governance Group to navigate some of the family violence resources and portals.

Advertising Job Vacancies

The Center for Workforce Excellence has created the Family Violence Job’s Portal, which allows agencies to advertise family violence jobs for free. This doesn’t preclude agencies being able to advertise through their normal platforms but gives them access to an additional platform, which is linked to an annual recruitment drive.

Jobs Family Violence

They have also created an Employee manual, to assist employers who do want to advertise through the site.

We encourage all employers to utalise the jobs platform.

Employer Manual

Recruitment Resources

The Centre for Workforce Excellence has created a range of posters to assist with advertisement of jobs. We recognise that these are generic posters, but may be useful when talking to students or at job fairs.

Career Change- Affected by FV

Career Change- Prevention

Career Change-men who use violence

Graduate- Affected by family violence

Graduate- Men who use violence

Graduate- Prevention

Aboriginal- Affected by Family Violence

Aboriginal- Prevention

Aboriginal- Career Change


GFVA Career Page

The Gippsland Family Violence Alliance has utalised the resources of the Centre for Excellence, along with local information about training to create public portal for community members.

Access this page here: Careers in Family Violence.  



We recommend you utalise this page to educate people on:

  • Their local options on how to become qualified in the sector
  • To view day-in-the-life videos of practitioners
  • To direct them to local job opportunities via the Family Violence Careers Job Portals



More information

For more information you can access the Centre for Workforce Excellence webpage at: Family Violence Jobs Vic Gov